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The team of cacao source has been working with women’s collective and small scale farmers for the past 3 years. In the rural area of Guatemala, opportunities of skill development are found quite rare. With less than 50% of the population of Suchitepequez active in the economy and again less than 50% of the population pursuing education after primary school, we have found that an accessible vocational school could be impactful. With 53% of the population below the age of 24 years old , it makes Guatemala one of the youngest country in the world but as well, in other words, a huge opportunity for change!

We take action

Meanwhile, there is a worldwide environmental crisis. We are at a moment where each one of us need to ask, what can I do? Guatemala has a huge nation-wise spread practice of mono-culture for exportation purposes in a land that was once Mayan legacy with ancestral crops. Ecoducation aims to develop a plan and program for farmers to diversify their mono-culture. It will as well be a vocational school in the field of sustainability, training young local impact makers to influence the field of construction and land management. Reintroducing ancestral techniques and combining it with modern techniques to build and tend the land in the most respectful way towards the earth, while adapting to Guatemala’s environmental threats.

A simple living

We stand for simplicity where small actions have huge repercussions. With care, we or in service to nature.

A heart full Lifestyle

We live through connection with our environment, others and ourselves. 

An Impactful Education

Our teachings are led by strong ethics which supports each other to serve optimally for a better planet. 

A meaningful learning

In constant awe with our surrounding we digest its wisdom with a humble heart. 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Explore new approaches in harmony with nature.

Through a cacao research centre, natural building school and permaculture immersions, we redefine our connection with sustainability by introducing it as a way of life with a local heart and a worldwide vision.

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