Cacao training program

1 week immersion in the world of cacao. A very special training embracing dicovery, knowledge, experiences and co-creation with a community dedicated to honour and share cacao.

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February 4th, 2022

1-week long course to dive in the world of cacao with experiences and knowledge that will support your confidence in sharing cacao.

Learning curriculum

A unique curriculum designed to share everything you need to know about cacao in order to share it with the world in the most authentic and respectable way. 

Practical experiences

2 days of discovery in cacao forests with the art and elements of ceremony, how to prepare cacao, and how to guide your own ceremony


Enjoy daily yoga, evening fires, solitude time on the lake & much more! Discover Santiago famous Mayan market. Connect with Cacao Source core team.


A dynamic community of cacao lovers from around the world to support you on your journey


Spend 7 days living at the beautiful Mystical yoga farm located directly on lake atitlan with a peaceful and communal environment.


It includes 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day. 

Guided by

Cacao Source Team

The Cacao Training Program is led by the 3 co-founders of Cacao Source: Dorothy, Jojo and Laurence. Cacao Source is a social business producer of Ceremonial Cacao. Working exclusivly with small-scale locally own farms for sourcing and women collectives for processing. 

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Cacao farm tours

The entire process of cacao– forests and farmer’s to women’s collectives and grinding– seeds to ceremony! 

Mayan fire ceremony

Meet Tata Juan Carlos and Nana Odelia, wisdom keepers of the Mayan Cosmovision. Learn more about fire ceremonies and ancestral traditions. 

Co-creative ceremony

Share your gifts during the week and explore your unique way to share cacao in respect to the medicine. 

A family of cacao lovers

What participants has to say

Cacao training program participants join a community dedicated to the path of honouring and sharing cacao. Together we co-create, share, laugh and celebrate.


Participant November 2021


I highly recommend the Cacao Ceremonialist Training course with Cacao Source! My intention to do this course was to learn as much as possible about this fantastic superfood: ceremonial cacao in order to set up my own ‘cacao ceremony and ceremonial cacao distribution’ business in Europe. I loved every moment of training, every lesson, including the history, permaculture, nutritional benefits and the social business model. Dorothy, Laurence and Jojo have such a unique and authentic style that was a real blessing. They created a special and magical atmosphere by being themselves, which has been inspiring me every single day ever since I attend to their course, back in November 2021. Thank you, guys for being on this planet and making the world a better place! Andrea Reger – @archcacao


Participant 2021


I was sceptic about how would I fit into the group(now I’d call ‘my cacao family’ 🙂 ) as I’m not really into the spiritual connection(it comes from my engineering mind) but thanks to the lovely, welcoming team of The Cacao Source my scepticism was gone in seconds. Laurence, Jojo and Dorothy are one of the most knowledgeable, lovely and open-minded group I’ve ever met and I’d never expect to learn this much about cacao, history and agriculture. Thank you Cacao Source for the unforgettable memories!


Participant November 2021


A beautiful journey at the heart of a complete and quality training with a body of committed and inspiring facilitators! We grasped the beauty of the medicine of cacao, its history, its nutritional qualities, or the role of its trees within ecosystems. Infinite gratitude for this powerful and magical training ! Big fan of you guys !


Medicinal Propertise

Connect your brain with your heart and learn the science behind cacao.


Understanding the history of cacao helps to understand cacao today and respect its origin.


The symbiosis existing in nature and amongst the cacao forest is such a reflection on how cacao works with us.

Social Business

How to create a project that is aligned with values and ethics honouring cacao.

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You ask, we answer

Frequent ask questions by our community. 

When planning your travels, you may arrive at Guatemala City airport which is the closest to lake Atitlan. From the airport you may go directly to lake atitlan by private or shared shuttle. Another option is to spend a night/ few days at Antigua before coming to the lake. Places like Antigua and Lake Atitlan are safe for solo travels during the day ad we recommend do be mindful for night adventures. 

Guatemala has a lot to offer. You can visit the beach from the Pacific and Caribbean side. Antigua is a beautiful small colonial town 40 minutes from Guatemala City known for its close by volcano hikes and cafes. Lake Atitlan has a variety of of small indigenous villages, each with a unique vibe. You may as well go deeper into the jungle to mayan ruins in Tikal or the breathtaking Semuc Champey. 

We are very much aware that we are in a middle of a world wide crisis which is quite unpredictable. This being said, we encourage you to research to current regulation in Guatemala for travels and ensure you have a covid test prior flying to the country. 

As we want to ensure the safety of the local community and our group, we offer 100% refund for any covid 19 related reasons. If you feel sick, please stay home. 

Cacao ceremonies aren’t anything alike yoga teacher training are reiki certifications, there isn’t any existing certification which is given by an authority. 

With Cacao Source, we offer a in-depth training to provide as much tools, knowledge and experience which supports your path towards honouring and sharing cacao. 

Cacao Source training is offered on Guatemalan lands through the Kaqchikel and Tzʼutujil region. 

During the training we invite mayan wisdom keepers to share deeper about their practices. As teachers, we are aware that indigenous practices aren’t ours to share and for this reasons we invite dear friends of ours for 2 days so they themselves may share their culture with you.

We will be spending, as well, 2 days at cacao farms. We generously share some of the abundance of the training with the farmers. Since the start of Cacao Source projects, both farms we constantly visit has developed new facilities thanks to the tours income. 


Days Before Next Training

Cacao Training

February 4th - 11th, 2023
$ 800 For Program + accommodation
  • Camping: 400$
  • Dorm: 500$
  • Private Room: 600$

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