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School for sustainable development

Ecoducation is currently in the process of developing the physical location where students from Guatemala and around the world will have access to learn skills in the feild of eco-development through permaculture, natural building, agroforestry and much more. 

We invite you to join the project as a collaboratpr, donor or investor. We are at the start of an incredible opporunity to have a huge impact within the local and internaitonal community.



Invest in a project that the offering self-regulates its own growth of assets. 



Invest in results: financial, social and environmental. Your money can create change,



Ecoducation has a big vision for the future and you want to be part of it. 

invest in your future or, at least, start building it at Ecoducation's premium courses.

We have space for co creation

What are you investing for

What we need?

With Ecoducation we currently have x M2 of land in the region of Suchitepequez, Chicacao. A beautiful lush forest outside a small Guatemalan local town ready to start the physical manifestation of Ecoduaction. The first stage requires 200 000$ for our main school facility. With this primary investment we will be able to start the project and open our doors 1 year from now for our first program.

communication is key

What you get

Want to make a donation?

We welcome all donations into the project through Give Back to the Source NGO. Donation will be directed towards the development of infrastructures to offer the best quality education for the local and international community. 

Each donation will have a huge impact in the accomplishment of our vision to create educational opportunities in the sustainable field accessible to all. 

50 000$

5% of equity

1 free course a year with your choice of available accommodation.

50% of stays in available accommodation

100 000$

10% of equity

3 free courses a year with your choice of available accommodation.

50% of stays in available accommodation

200 000$

20% of equity

Access to all courses for free for you and your partner

Possibility to build a house on property

One project, one land & yOU

Ecoducation is one investor away from starting the construction in chicacao. Your investment will become a growing asset in know time.

How to know if this is for you

Are we a good match?

Before considering investing in Ecoducation, it is very important that we are aligned. We invite an investor as part of a community working together towards a common goal. Shared values are very important as the core of Ecoducation is a social business: the primary goal is to do good for the world. Our impact making will always navigate our choices.


We aim to answer today's largest environmental challenges.

Social conscious

We are inclusive in our approach and always respect and honour the people from the local community.

Economical sense

We take rational decision as we understand financial growth is a key factor to a sustainable project.


We work together to create a place which we wish for the world to have in harmony with each other and nature.
We invite you to be part of something bigger than yourself.
-Ecoducation Team


We are happy to join a call with you and discuss further details while answering all your questions.